What is a dogenova?

A dogenova (plural dogenovae or dogenovas) is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion of dogecoin, which causes a sudden brightening lucky shibes. A dogenova is caused by the accretion of dogecoin on DogeNova.com, commencing a runaway fusion reaction.

How do I play?

  • Enter your dogecoin address on the homepage, so we know where to send your winnings. Your custom play address will be generated and displayed.
  • Send 100 DOGE to your play address for one chance to win the jackpot.
  • More than one ticket can be bought at once, for example 1000 DOGE gets you 10 tickets.
  • The total number of tickets is rounded down, so 9876.543210 DOGE would get you 98 chances to win.

How big is the jackpot?

The current size of the jackpot is displayed on the homepage and updated with each ticket.

How are entries processed?

Payments are confirmed after 3 confirmations, which can take several minutes, then the tickets are entered in the draw.

When is a winner selected?

The jackpot is paid out every Saturday at 1:00 AM GMT. See other time zones

Where does my payment go?

  • 90% is added to the current jackpot
  • 9% to the next jackpot
  • 1% pays the server fees

When are winnings paid?

Payment is sent to the winners within 60 seconds after the jackpot ends.

How is the winner decided?

DogeNova uses a provably fair process, making it possible for anyone to verify that the winner selection process is completely fair.

  1. To start a new round, the game server generates a random password called the secret salt.
  2. The homepage is updated with the fingerprint of this salt, which proves that it cannot be changed later on.
  3. For each ticket, the server combines the secret salt with the ID number of the ticket and the payment transaction ID, and shortens the result to a number having 20 bits.
  4. When the jackpot ends, the payout is split between all tickets whose result is the closest to zero.
  5. The secret salt is published after the draw, allowing the result to be verified.

What are the technical details of these calculations?

  1. Salt Fingerprint: sha256(salt)
  2. Entry Result: first 20 bits of sha256(salt + ticket_id + transaction_id), where "+" is concatenation
  3. First Bits: maximum_winning_number & ticket_result, where "&" is bitwise AND

All operations are on binary data (not hex-encoded). maximum_winning_number and ticket_id are encoded as unsigned 32-bit integers with little-endianess.

What are the current parameters of the jackpot?

These values control the cost to play and chance of winning.

  1. Ticket Price: 100 DOGE
  2. Roll Size: 20 bits